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Finding your motivation

We have all been in a position of wanting to understand what truly motivates us personally whether it’s money, success, friendship, a common cause… Or been in a position where you have undertaken multiple personality or leadership tests.

Motivational maps® are unique and not linked to personality traits, but designed to identify your personal motivations, helping you make career decisions to drive your performance and increase the happiness in what you do.

We provide you powerful insights by revealing your true motivators, highlighting developmental focus areas & scoring your current motivation. This is compared to how your current motivation aligns to your requirements and provides strategies on how to develop or make changes.

Our dedicated advisors are also on hand to provide further insights and help you explore the results.

Find out if you are a Star or a Defender, Expert or Director…the results are often be very surprising and life changing.

9 motivational types

What do I need to do?

What’s great is that we are the only place to take a motivation map online within minutes, no lengthy consultation process and no tie ins to further coaching sessions/follow ups. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Step one

Choose the whether you wish to just undertake the motivational map or to include a 1-2-1 session with our dedicated team of experts.

Step Two

Complete your Motivational Map instantly online in under 20 minutes on any device.

Step three

Within 24hrs you will receive your personalised motivational results & bespoke developments strategies to help you in a easy to follow personalised report.

Step four

Your dedicated expert advisor will send you additional information on your map. If you like you can book a session in a time suitable for you to discuss your results online with your expert advisor.

Is it for me?

We all believe that we understand ourselves and know our working values, however finding out what really motivates you is key to your progression, happiness and to help plan your future ambitions. We would encourage you to find out your motivational if you are…

Unmotivated in your current position

Looking for a career change

Returning to work

Wanting to better understand your personal priorities

For progressing a career when you lose motivation

I wasn’t happy in my role, but it was a role I’ld previously loved. My motivation to work in general was then affecting my work. I felt like I was in a rut with no where to turn. I had contemplated coaching sessions, but FYM gave me a great insight into what was holding me back and I’m now developing myself and moving on.

Emma / 28 / Legal services / UK /  starstarstarstarstar

For finding the right career path

I’ve skipped from role to role over the years and struggled to find my right fit. Once I had taken the Map and focused on my main motivators – I really know what I need to be happy in a new role and make sure I’m applying for the right roles as well.

Jacob / 42 / Construction / US / starstarstarstarstar

For finding a new direction

I loved how the Motivational Maps programme instantly tells you what your motivators are – and if you are not motivated you are not going to enjoy your role. I realised that I was looking for a role with a purpose, a way of using creative thinking to help people and I am now retraining in an area I wouldn’t have dreamed of working in. Thanks FYM!

Louise / 34 / L&D / UK / starstarstarstarstar

Motivational map reports

Motivational Map reports have long been a tool used by HR teams in global organisations to help provide them with insights into team building and to help plan progression plans for employees. However we believe these are more powerful when used by you, for you. These reports and programmes often cost hundreds of pounds within the corporate environment and are now available for the first time direct to you in an affordable way that can help build your career based on you.

Easy. Accurate. Useful.

92% of Maps users found it easy to complete.

95% of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators

97% found the information in their personalised report useful.

View a Sample Report

Clear results

Whether you choose to have one of experts talk you through your results or you just have the report yourself the reports are easy to understand.

Our experts will be able to help you explore these results further to gain the best results.

Global recognised

Motivational Maps have been used globally since 2013 around the world, with huge success.

1000’s of maps have been created and used by individuals, teams and companies.

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